Motorised curtain tracks

"...integration into Office Automation or Building Management Systems is easily achieved..."

Motorisation of the curtain track enables this product to be used easily over very long window sections and hard to reach, high-level windows - the simple benefit of ease of use at the touch of a button.

Key Benefits:
Thick fabric, Very long lasting
Cost effective, energy savings
Easy to maintains
Stage and auditorium
Wire less prodcus available, less wiring cost
Retrofit, schedulling
Customization , manual overide feature
Power meter, monitoring

Product Information:

Office automation systems is very much popular in modern days Office automation systems are design by our specialist team of electrical engineers, special class industrial electricians and some renowned professionals come together to provide this latest technology Office Automation Systems to you. Office automation sytems are the systems wher you can operate your all electrical and electronic devices. Office automation systems has many advantages e.g you can schedulling your devices by programming it. Office automation system can be usefull to check your energy consumption room wise. Office automation system has manula over ride system, e.g in case of failure of Office automation systems you still can operate your device with manual switces.