Concept / Product Information:

Key Benefits:
Video Conferencing Increases Productivity
Used effectively, video conferencing has a dramatic effect on the way people do business and the productivity gains they can derive. So, how are these improvements achieved? Today, video conferencing systems transcend the simple "talking heads" on a screen. The ability to easily share any type of information has added another dynamic to video communications, often previously not even possible in a local meeting. The result? Decisions are made faster; bringing products or services to market quicker; and enabling you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Video Conferencing Saves Money
Although productivity increases are the most valuable, an additional tangible effect of using video is that you start saving substantial money due to reduced travel. In today's environment, where many employees are concerned with the safety and time-related issues with traveling, video conferencing will benefit your company in ways you would never have imagined.

Video Conferencing Saves Time
Video conferencing can be used to achieve significant benefits beyond increased productivity and reduced costs. Notable examples are reduction of "downtime" and increased "quality of life" for traveling personnel, and shortening hiring cycles for key employees. Video conferencing should also be viewed as a telephone and travel enhancement—a way to strengthen bonds with remote colleagues and customers between personal visits and telephone calls.

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Video conferencing systems are being widely embraced by organizations of all sizes as they offer a number of benefits to businesses. This technology can be used in different environments to cater different requirements. Video conferencing is most commonly used for conducting business meetings, trainings, online seminars etc.

Video conferencing solutions are being widely used in the fields of telemedicine, telecommunication, education, surveillance, security, emergency response etc.

The organizations using video conferencing systems for improving their businesses are deriving many benefits from its use.

Some of the advantages are mentioned below:
The basic advantage of using video conferencing is that it facilitates people located remotely to meet up without having to travel. Therefore, it enables efficient communication between people, while saving both time and money.
Another advantage of using video conferencing is that it facilitates to conduct business meetings, seminars, training sessions etc, while the participants are located in different places.
It fastens decision making processes and facilitates to take quicker actions during times of emergency.
It facilitates better sharing of data and knowledge. Business organizations can use this technology for making presentations to the important members of an organization even if they are separated by vast distances.

Video conferencing offers virtually endless potentials for business communications. But to make the most out of this technology, it is important that, good quality video conferencing systems and services are used by the organizations.